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    Anti Gravity Phone Case

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    Anti Gravity Phone Case

    Why Gravity Case?

    Ever searched for that perfect ledge to record your video to be left scratching your head, or had trouble getting your phone in just the right position to take that fire selfie? If so, look no further - Record videos anywhere, from any angle, at anytime using the Gravity Case!  

    How Does It Work?

    We created a simple & stylish case using smart nano-suction technology that'll attach itself to any flat smooth surface, like a mirror, window, or desk, all without leaving any marks! Because the nano-suctions only activate when pressed against a surface, the case won't stick to your hands. Make your friends jaws drop when they see your new phone case!

    Love Your New Look.

    The Gravity Case will help get your best angles every time. Our cutting edge use of nano-suction technology combined with our sleek and modern design allows us to offer you a one of a kind phone case PERFECT for taking videos from any position. Love the way you look in videos & pictures using the Gravity Case!

    Q & A

    What If My Gravity Case Gets Dirty?

    Cleaning your Gravity Case is easy - Just rinse under water and pat dry for a case that's good as new!

    Will The Gravity Case Protect My Phone?

    Yes! The Gravity Case is reinforced with a high quality TPU, which will protect your phone from both cracks and scratches!

    What Do Gravity Cases Stick Best To?

     The Gravity Case can stick to many surfaces, but it sticks best to flat smooth surfaces like mirrors & windows! It has the hardest time sticking to rough surfaces like dry wall.

    Look At What They Are Saying!

    I recommended this amazing cell phone product to all my friends, and now I have been given the opportunity to recommend it to you here at 1Gravity Phone. Thank you again :)

    Wow I love this simple product. I can now snap better shots of me skateboarding. Perfectly sticks to park ramps. Thanks 1Gravity

    After I seen my brother with this product and picking my jaw off of the floor I found 1Gravity Store and got one for me and my wife for the best price.

    Ladies, get yourself and a friend one of these I promise your mornings getting ready will be more amazing.

    I bought them for my whole household and now we are all going around and sticking our phones to things. lmao worth it!

    I got a new phone so I came back for another case because these cases are amazing .

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